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"Stratega Group stepped into a very challenging project, but when they came on board we were almost immediately back on track. We regained our client's confidence and produced project materials that everyone could be proud of. Stratega Group's partnership, expertise, and customer-centric culture made all the difference in delivering well and on-time. I would hire them again without hesitation."
—JoAnna Darby
Division Vice President
ACS - Safeco


Project Management

Effective project management is essential for a successful implementation. We keep your project on its critical path by developing a realistic timeline and mapping the project priorities to your business' success criteria. We assess and document your requirements to help determine scope. We thoroughly assess how certain risk events could impact the project and determine appropriate course of action. We always have a backup plan if something does not go as expected. We also give you the tools to track and manage the many decisions that are made by the team throughout a project lifecycle, giving you an accurate record of scope and project progress.

Change Management

Our team of experts will help you identify the key stakeholders to ensure effective communication, buy-in, user adoption, and sponsorship throughout the implementation life cycle.

We help you engage senior management as sponsors of your project and leverage their role within the organization. They can send key messages throughout the organization to increase awareness and the importance of your project. We truly get to know your organization to determine all groups that will be affected by the implementation.

For your implementation project to be successful, you must build awareness through effective communication with line management and employees. We help you solicit their feedback during the project lifecycle and build awareness and excitement about the new application.

Customization and Configuration

We will determine whether the software you have selected needs to be customized or uniquely configured to match your business process. We help you rethink your processes to align them with industry best practices and maximize your investment by choosing the right solutions for your industry.


Before moving your new system into place, we conduct complete end-to-end tests incorporating all system, hardware, performance and software requirements. We build a comprehensive set of test scripts that map back to your requirements to provide complete, streamlined testing. We don't just make sure the software works; we make sure it works the ways you need it to.


We ensure a smooth transition from test to production. During deployment, we provide a detailed execution plan and checklist. Once we go-live we will assess the impact of the technology in terms of application, functional, hardware, network, data, and PC needs. We provide both application and operational support. We manage customizations and configurations, and handle data migration.