Strategy and Planning

Vendor Analysis, Scorecarding and Selection

We collaborate with you before you make your software vendor selection to review your HR and talent management process and create a scorecard to evaluate the best vendor for you. Our extensive experience with the industry's top software enables us to share insider knowledge into the best technology to meet your business' goals.

Business Process Review

To understand where you need to go, we first help you define and document your current process and data flow. We help you determine what your processes need to be, assess opportunities for improvement, and determine a strategic talent management roadmap for your company that aligns with industry best practices.

Requirements Gathering

Even the most seasoned HR Professional cannot possibly "think of everything" that should be considered in a new software application. We have developed a proven methodology that uses a traceability matrix to map all requirements for the implementation. This ensures all requirements are addressed at each phase of the project and are adequately configured, developed and tested. This matrix can be applied successfully to any talent management technology you choose for your organization.

Data Management

Our extensive experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle, Ceridian, ADP, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Ellipse and others, helps us guide the data management process, seamlessly mapping data to your new application quickly and efficiently. Our data validation method provides tools, scorecarding, exception-based reporting and queries to ensure an accuracy of data integrity unmatched in the industry.